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Hydrotherapy is a pool therapy program specifically designed for an individual in an attempt to improve neuromuscular and skeletal function. Hydrotherapy is used to treat musculoskeletal disorders with weight-bearing problems such as arthritis, postoperative conditions, sports injuries. It is also effectively used to restore the range of motion in conditions such as frozen shoulder, severe post MVA whiplash injuries, spinal stenosis, and Parkinson's. In seniors, we offer hydrotherapy treatments to improve general mobility, balance, and gait. This therapy is conducted and supervised by our qualified hydrotherapist in a purpose-built hydrotherapy pool.

Hydrotherapy - $65 per visit, $55 - for Seniors


Check out a wide range of services from our physiotherapy clinic to help you achieve your health goals. Get your customized physiotherapy plan today! We have the tools to help you move and feel better.


Learn about the variety of conditions we specialize in treating at our physiotherapy clinic. From common issues like back pain to conditions such as arthritis, we have the expertise to help you understand and manage your specific ailment.


Have questions about physiotherapy? Our FAQ section has answers to commonly asked questions about our clinic, our services, and how physiotherapy can help you. Don't hesitate to check it out and learn more.

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